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PJ Harvey & Gallon Drunk [10 Dec 2016|09:59pm]

James Johnston and Tony Edwards from alternative british band Gallon Drunk and PJ Harvey in 1993 in Chicago and in 2016 in Amsterdam :

1993, Live @ Cabaret Metro, Chicago, USA:

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PJ Harvey in Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, 16-10-2016. [10 Dec 2016|09:39pm]

Photo's and video's from great concert in Amsterdam here - http://prachkovskiy.livejournal.com/272362.html

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PJ Harvey in Utrecht, 22-04-2016. [25 Apr 2016|08:53pm]

PJ Harvey came last Friday by car and train to Netherlands to open International Literature Festival in Utrecht. She was reading her poems from the boek "The Hollow Of The Hand" and signed books for her fans. I recorded her appearance from begin till the end and made some pictures by signing books.

Video Part 1:

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Книга "PJ Harvey. Siren Rising". [14 Jan 2012|02:55pm]


Нашел вконтакте ссылку на русский перевод книги Джэймса Р. Блэндфорта "Восхождение сирены" (James R. Blandford "Siren Rising") о Полли Джин Харвей (книга в pdf-формате скачивается в два клика с rapidshare). Огромное спасибо за перевод Dmirty Starkey. Я же, в свою очередь, отсканировал фотки из книги и бутлегографию (она вот здесь отдельным постом).

Смотреть фотки....Collapse )

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Nightingale lyrics [21 Sep 2011|05:05pm]

Does anyone know what the lyrics are at the end of the song, it sounds like she says heads on stakes or something like that. I've tried looking it up but those lyrics are always left out. Also anyone know why the lyrics she has listed on the new album are different than in the actual songs?
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PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder [03 Aug 2011|12:59pm]


an amateur video
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PJ Icons [20 Jun 2011|07:50pm]


more icons HERE @ roseblood_icons

rules + join + resources

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PJ Harvey in Paradiso, Amsterdam. 11 video's. [13 Jun 2011|08:18pm]


Track list:

Let England Shake
The Words That Maketh Murder
All & Everyone
The Guns Called Me Back Again
Written On The Forehead
In The Dark Places
The Devil
The Sky Lit Up
The River
The Glorious Land
The Last Living Rose
The Pocket Knife
Bitter Branches
On Battleship Hill
C’mon Billy
Hanging In The Wire
The Colour Of The Earth
Big Exit

Pictures from the concert - follow link.

All and Everyone.

Watch the rest 10.Collapse )
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YES. [12 May 2011|04:34pm]


You want to go here.
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pj harvey on tv [09 Apr 2011|02:37pm]

pj harvey will be on the conan show monday night. 04/11/2011


he comes on i think 11pm on tbs.
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[16 Mar 2011|08:55am]
9 Polly Jean
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A couple interviews and... [16 Feb 2011|05:42pm]

PJ audio interview on NPR's "Fresh Air"


Text interview with the Onion AV Club

oh, and

PJ Harvey to be offered chance to become 'official war song correspondent'

"We are certainly interested in working with PJ Harvey," said Roger Tolson, the museum's head of collections. "It is something we can take forward as we have never commissioned anybody in that capacity. We have other kinds of works of art using sound, like the art of Susan Philipsz, who won the last Turner prize, but we have never sent a musician out to a conflict zone."

Tolson said the museum wanted "a different perspective". "We want to find fresh pairs of eyes, although in this case it would be a fresh voice," he said.

The initiative was prompted by an interview Harvey gave last week to Radio 4's Front Row. She told presenter John Wilson she would have gone out to write songs in the field of battle had she had been asked. "I would have relished that," she said. "I find myself more and more yearning to do work like that, even if there is no such official appointment, to just go out there anyway."

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NEW Polly Listening Links [10 Feb 2011|04:04pm]

You can listen to the new PJ Harvey Album In full here > http://www.npr.org/2011/02/06/133495228/first-listen-pj-harvey-let-england-shake#playlist its so magical my personal favourites are
'on battleship hill' 'the words that maketh murder' 'england'.

You can hear the new Bside for 'the words that maketh murder' here its so beautiful

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[01 Feb 2011|06:19pm]

just heard the samples off her new album and the song "the glorious land" is so good. i can't wait for the release.
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Stereogum interview [07 Jan 2011|04:40pm]

Polly Jean gets poetic and political on her forthcoming Let England Shake.

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PJ Harvey to release new album in February [25 Nov 2010|12:21pm]

PJ Harvey has named her new album 'Let England Shake' and will release it on February 14.

The album, her first full solo release since 2007's 'White Chalk', has been recorded with John Parish, with whom she released last year's 'A Woman A Man Walked By' collaboration album.

Produced by Flood (Depeche Mode, The Jesus And Mary Chain, U2), the album also features production contributions from former Bad Seeds member Mick Harvey and musician Jean-Marc Butty.

"We played most of the music live," Harvey told NME of the album, part-recorded in a church in Dorset. "I didn’t set down any rules. For some reason, we were all in a very good place, with a lot of energy, intensity and vitality in us at that time. It was a really enjoyable experience, and I think the record’s ended up full of energy and quite an uplifting experience because of it."

For the full, exclusive interview with PJ Harvey get the new issue of NME magazine. It's on newsstands across the UK from tomorrow (November 24), or available digitally worldwide now.

Source: NNM
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icons. [02 Sep 2010|04:01pm]

[x29] Nicki Minaj Icons
[x34] PJ Harvey Icons

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my personal Best of PJ mix cd [27 Jul 2010|10:28am]

Rid Of Me Rid Of Me
Rub Til It Bleeds Rid Of Me
Track 02 4-Track Demos
C'mon Billy To Bring You My Love
The Sky is Lit Up Is This Desire
The Letter Uh Huh Her
Mainiac C'Mon Billy (Single)
I Think I'm A Mother To Bring You My Love
Shame Uh Huh Her
Sheela-Na-Gig Dry
It's You Uh Huh Her
C'Mon Billy To Bring You My Love
Dress (live) WHFS Just Passing Through
Perfect Day Louise Is This Desire
The Garden Is This Desire
Why its so hard? Rarities
No Girl So Sweet Is This Desire
Plants and Rags Dry
I Can Hardly Wait...
This Is Love Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
Angeline Is This Desire
Is This Desire Is This Desire

I made this cd for a friend of mine who doesn't know PJ's music that well. Now that I've posted it here, I"m noticing a few more favorites that didn't make it on. Most noticeably at this moment is Kamikazi and Good Fortune, off of Stories. In case it isn't obvious, I haven't liked her newer albums as much.
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PJ speaks about new album, performs a song [06 Jun 2010|10:42pm]

Hi all, apparently Polly did an interview and played a new song back in April on the BBC. The song she played was Let England Shake, which someone in this community posted about a little whiles back. Anyways, she spoke about the new album some in the interview (transcription taken from this site):

“I’ve written about half of my new record on one of these,” Harvey said, referring to a nearby autoharp to be used for the performance that followed. “I’ve got three autoharps and I’ve had them tuned in slightly different chords, uh, fixtures here, so that they’re slightly out of the normal line of what an autoharp would sound like. There’s a lot more minor keys, a lot of darker keys."

"The next body of work [‘Let England Shake’], it’s an example of the whole album, really, in that i was looking outwards a lot more. I think a lot of my work has often been about the interior, the emotional, what happens inside oneself. This time I’ve just been looking out, so it’s not only to do with taking a look at England, but taking a look at the world and what’s happening in the current day world affairs. But always trying to come from the human point of view because I don’t feel qualified to sing from a political standpoint."

Full interview and performance can be found on PJ Harvey's site, and this site has an mp3 of the performance.
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Theme: Rowland S. Howard, PJ Harvey, Mick Harvey, Johnny Suede [10 Apr 2010|11:21pm]

» Give credit to hficons if you put any to use.
    Rowland S. Howard 01—08
    PJ Harvey 09-12
    Mick Harvey 03—15
    Nick Cave 16

( The icons. )
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Theme: Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party, PJ Harvey [01 Apr 2010|09:09pm]

[ mood | sore ]

» Give credit to hficons if you put any to use.

( The icons. )
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SeedFics [18 Mar 2010|04:42am]



Because we all miss Nixa and Carvey... some of us just for more perverted reasons than others.
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hello! [05 Mar 2010|07:23am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just thought I would introduce myself!

Favorite PJ album? stories from the city, stories from the sea

Favorite PJ song? how can I choose?? a place called home and the sky lit up are ones that come to mind

Favorite PJ collaboration? I loved when she sang Satisfaction with Bjork and her duet with Thom Yorke

Favorite PJ video? good fortune, and this is love

How long have you liked PJ? since 1996

How did you get into PJ? When I was in high school a friend let me borrow her CD To Bring you my Love, I was enthralled by it!

What is your least favorite PJ song? Teclo

Have you seen PJ live? If so, how many times? I have never seen her live I would probably die of excitement!

What are a few other bands that you like? A lot of "Indie Rock" Cat Power, Tori Amos, etc etc......I am a sirius xmu radio junkie

I am collector of vinyl records. I am dying to find a copy of Stories From the City Stories From the Sea (yes I tried Ebay) if you know of any great internet vinly stores out there let me know!

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PJ for Haiti [26 Jan 2010|10:27am]

Got this from the pollyjean Yahoo group.

PJ Harvey has donated one of her stage & promotional outfits from her 2004 Uh
Huh Her campaign to Oxfam's Auction for Haiti. The auction, hosted on eBay,
is a rapid response from bands & artists in the UK and beyond to the massive
crisis in Haiti and Oxfam's ongoing emergency response there.

The auction runs on eBay until Tuesday 2 February. All proceeds from the
auction will go to Oxfam's humanitarian response in Haiti. More items will be
added to the auction over the coming days.

To go directly to the Polly's auction page, please click here.
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Moderator note. [10 Jan 2010|07:57pm]

Due to the spam this community has been getting, I am temporarily setting the community so that all new entries have to be approved.

Hopefully that'll put an end to these douchebags and their douchebagginess.
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PJ harvey's «Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea» in top best albums [17 Nov 2009|04:14pm]

Polly's Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea IS NUMBER 6 in NME's TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2000-s
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Nick & PJ on stage again [14 Oct 2009|11:01am]

Nick Cave was joined onstage by PJ Harvey during an special, one-off concert in London on Sunday night.

The gig, which coincides with the publication of Cave's second novel, The Death Of Bunny Munro, took place at the Palace Theatre in London. Cave was taking questions from the floor, and at one point a girl asked whether he would ask Harvey to join him onstage if she were present in the theatre.

Harvey, seated in a box to the left of the stage, gave Cave a wave, and he said he'd love her to sing but only if she wanted to. "If it was the other way round, I'd be mortified," he said, and snapped back at one fan who requested that they "play 'Fleeting Love'" with a sharp "you're a funny cunt".

Harvey, wearing a shimmering black dress, appeared on the stage. Cave gestured to fellow Bad Seed Warren Ellis, sporting his customary prodigious beard, and introduced him to Harvey saying "there's Warren in there". Cave and Harvey went on to sing 'Henry Lee', accompanied by Ellis and Martin Casey on bass.

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a trip down memory lane [16 Sep 2009|12:55pm]

So... did anyone ever actually get these?

Wed, August 20, 2008 11:05 am

Thank you, payment for your order has been accepted.

In the event of any query, please contact: sales@auralexploits.com


Order details for order ref: RC3713787

Item Name : 5235 - PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me - Limited edition 180 Gram colored vinyl LP
Quantity : 1
Price Each : $15.95
Total Price : $15.95

Subtotal : $15.95
Shipping : $4.00
Tax : $1.32

Total : $21.27
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PJ performs new songs! [26 Jul 2009|01:28pm]


Polly performed two solo gigs this weekend, one was at Camp Bestival in Lulworth Castle and the other was in Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms.

The beauty of her, under electric lightCollapse )
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[11 Jul 2009|02:41pm]


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PJ Harvey-Apple Valley [14 Jun 2009|09:44pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I went to the PJ Harvey gig at the Minnesota Zoo last night, and it was freaking fantastic! Such a small venue with a quiet pond and a stone bluff as a backdrop for the stage. I was only 4 rows up from the stage on the right.

Does anyone have any videos or music they can share? The song they did during the encore, "False Fire", was a great rock-ish song to finish the show. I'd love to hear it again.

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On Letterman [09 Jun 2009|12:38pm]

Via the official newsletter:

Polly, John and band take a quick break from touring to hit the Letterman studios. Tune into the Letterman Show on June 12th at 11.30pm EST on CBS to catch their performance

June 9th, The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY www.ticketmaster.com
June 11th, The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN www.ticketmaster.com
June 12th, The Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL www.ticketmaster.com
June 13th, Weesner Amphitheatre, Apple Valley, MN www.ticketmaster.com
June 16th, The Moore Theatre, Seattle WA www.tickets.com
June 17th, The Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR www.ticketswest.com
June 19th, The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA www.ticketmaster.com
June 20th, The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA www.livenation.com
June 21st, Humphreys, San Diego, CA www.ticketmaster.com
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Center Stage.. ATL [03 Jun 2009|02:04pm]

anyone have any video or photos from the show last night in Atlanta..??
what an amazing show.. :)
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June 13th - Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater - Apple Valley, MN [08 May 2009|12:20pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Doesn't everyone love ticketmaster? I'm going to have several tickets available (good seats!) to the Minneapolis/Apple Valley PJ Harvey & John Parish show! This show is at the zoo and is reserved seating. I got 3 tickets as soon as they went on sale and got 3 tickets Center Section 5th row! Then, for the hell of it, I went to see if it was possible to get anything better and ended up with 3 tickets Center Section 2nd row! THEN, I thought... I couldn't do anything possibly better and got 3 tickets for Center Section 1st row!! 

So, I now have 3 tickets together for the 5th row Center Section & 3 tickets together for the 2nd row Center Section that I won't be using. Anyone interested? With all the fees, etc... the total for 3 tickets together came to $131.35 ($43.78 each) and that's what I'm asking for. I don't care about making money off them, etc... I'd just like to see them go to another big fan. I'd first prefer to sell the 3 seats together before selling 2 of the 3 or a single ticket. I'd accept a PayPal payment and then send you the physical tickets in the mail (with a tracking number and signature/proof of delivery) as soon as I recieve them. Obviously, I just ordered these a few minutes ago so I probably won't have the tickets in my hand until next week sometime.

If you're interested send me an e-mail at romantique96@gmail.com   I'll hold the tickets for whoever e-mails saying they want them and can pay right away.

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Unique photo. Polly Harvey live on White Chalk Tour [04 May 2009|09:44pm]

Unique photo. Polly Harvey live on White Chalk Tour. Unknown venue
Hope no-one's feelings are hurt ))))
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PJ at Queen's Hall, Edinburgh [01 May 2009|08:16pm]

I was lucky enough to meet Polly at her Edinburgh gig with John Parish. Suffice to say the gig was utterly amazing and she is the most lovely and intelligent woman! She was in heels and I was in flats (I'm in the blue), and she was still an absolutely miniature person. I felt like she was made of bone china, she is so delicate and beautiful!

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Black Hearted Love Amazing Piano Cover. UPD: instrumental [01 May 2009|12:58pm]

Look at what i've found

This girl rocks so hard!
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Taking over the Guardian [20 Apr 2009|03:30pm]

There's a whole buttload of good PJ and JP stuff over there right now.

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Official Tour Date List [17 Apr 2009|11:19am]

Just seen on MySpace:

PJ Harvey & John Parish Announce US Dates For June

Polly and John have confirmed the following shows in the States for June.
Performing songs from their current album ‘A Woman A Man Walked By’ and
their previous collaboration ‘Dance Hall At Louse Point’ the pair will be
backed by Eric Drew Feldman, Giovanni Ferrario and Jean Marc Butty. Polly
and John are currently on tour in the UK, where their opening night show in
Brighton has been receiving rave reviews from the Independent and Guardian
amongst other.

Dates confirmed so far are:

June 2nd, Centre Stage, Atlanta – GA On Sale April 17th
June 3rd, Madison Theatre, Covington – KY On Sale April 25th
June 5th, Warner Theatre, Washington, DC On Sale April 17th
June 6th, House of Blues, Boston, MA On Sale April 24th
June 7th, Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA On Sale April 24th
June 9th, The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY On Sale April 24th
June 12th, The Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL On Sale April 25th
June 13th, Weesner Amphitheatre, Apple Valley, MN On Sale May 8th
June 19th, The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA On Sale April 26th
June 20th The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA On Sale May 1st
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SXSW [16 Apr 2009|10:16am]

PJ and John Parish did a couple songs in a hotel room for NPR.

There is video.

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