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Just thought I would introduce myself!

Favorite PJ album? stories from the city, stories from the sea

Favorite PJ song? how can I choose?? a place called home and the sky lit up are ones that come to mind

Favorite PJ collaboration? I loved when she sang Satisfaction with Bjork and her duet with Thom Yorke

Favorite PJ video? good fortune, and this is love

How long have you liked PJ? since 1996

How did you get into PJ? When I was in high school a friend let me borrow her CD To Bring you my Love, I was enthralled by it!

What is your least favorite PJ song? Teclo

Have you seen PJ live? If so, how many times? I have never seen her live I would probably die of excitement!

What are a few other bands that you like? A lot of "Indie Rock" Cat Power, Tori Amos, etc etc......I am a sirius xmu radio junkie

I am collector of vinyl records. I am dying to find a copy of Stories From the City Stories From the Sea (yes I tried Ebay) if you know of any great internet vinly stores out there let me know!
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