Richard (adgy) wrote in pjharvey,

A couple interviews and...

PJ audio interview on NPR's "Fresh Air"


Text interview with the Onion AV Club

oh, and

PJ Harvey to be offered chance to become 'official war song correspondent'

"We are certainly interested in working with PJ Harvey," said Roger Tolson, the museum's head of collections. "It is something we can take forward as we have never commissioned anybody in that capacity. We have other kinds of works of art using sound, like the art of Susan Philipsz, who won the last Turner prize, but we have never sent a musician out to a conflict zone."

Tolson said the museum wanted "a different perspective". "We want to find fresh pairs of eyes, although in this case it would be a fresh voice," he said.

The initiative was prompted by an interview Harvey gave last week to Radio 4's Front Row. She told presenter John Wilson she would have gone out to write songs in the field of battle had she had been asked. "I would have relished that," she said. "I find myself more and more yearning to do work like that, even if there is no such official appointment, to just go out there anyway."

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