Константин Прачковский (prachkovskiy) wrote in pjharvey,
Константин Прачковский

PJ Harvey in Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, 16-10-2016.


  • PJ Harvey & Gallon Drunk

    James Johnston and Tony Edwards from alternative british band Gallon Drunk and PJ Harvey in 1993 in Chicago and in 2016 in Amsterdam : 1993, Live…

  • PJ Harvey in Utrecht, 22-04-2016.

    PJ Harvey came last Friday by car and train to Netherlands to open International Literature Festival in Utrecht. She was reading her poems from the…

  • Книга "PJ Harvey. Siren Rising".

    Нашел вконтакте ссылку на русский перевод книги Джэймса Р. Блэндфорта "Восхождение сирены" (James R. Blandford "Siren Rising") о…

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